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The importance of cybersecurity

The importance of cybersecurity
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Cybersecurity is one of the pending issues in our society. Discover the basic principles to be safe on the Internet

Are you one of those people who put your pet's name in each and every one of your passwords? If so, Attomo invites you to find a solution, because your security is in serious danger.

According to ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Association), cybersecurity acts as a protective layer for the information files we store on our devices.

Internet security is an unfinished business for citizens who do not hesitate to check several times that they have locked their car, but shamelessly expose their personal data online.

"I think that in the next few years there are going to be events, probably between countries, where cybersecurity is going to have a lot of weight," said Attomo Digital founder Alvaro Barrera.

These events could be triggered by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Microsoft already reflected in its annual Digital Defense Report, published last October, that Russia had become the greatest danger to international cybersecurity.

**The 10 principles you need to know in order to understand cybersecurity

Here are the principles you need to know in order to protect your information on the Internet.

**This philosophy advocates the existence of a hierarchy of who can access what level of information. Not all members of an organization should be able to access all of it. In this way, the risk of leaks is minimized.

**All access to information should be closed by default, and access should be given to only those users who want it. Otherwise everyone would have control of confidential data.

**There is no point in taking extreme precautions at certain access points if you neglect others, because that is where anyone who wants to access your data will enter. The attacker will select only one, the weakest one.

**You may have received a message asking for your details to receive an order from the e-commerce giant. This simple technique is very effective in a completely digitalized world, where the probability of receiving this scam while you are waiting for an order is extremely high. Always avoid entering your data before verifying that the link or URL is not pernicious.

**Don't use the same password everywhere ** Undoubtedly the best way to remember them. Undoubtedly, also, the best way to expose yourself to massive information theft. 40% of the Spanish population uses the same password everywhere. Whoever wants to get hold of your data has the methods to do so, and once one of your passwords is cracked, they will not hesitate to use it on other websites/applications. Sometimes, in such a technological society, writing them down in a notebook can be our best option.

According to a study by the National Cyber Security Center (NCSC), these are the percentages of passwords that are most commonly used.

**Two-step verification adds another layer of security to the user in addition to "username and password". The purpose of KYC (Know Your Consumer) is to confirm that customers are who they say they are and that they are not involved in criminal activity.

7 The State must define criminal sanctions. Despite being relatively modern crimes, they directly infringe on people's privacy, and must be prosecuted in accordance with their seriousness.

8 States must also comply. And not collect or store information on their citizens in an unlawful manner, as this could be used for perverse purposes such as vote manipulation.

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The importance of cybersecurity

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