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A novel model in the Spanish market for purchasing a portion of a luxury home

VIVLA was born to reinvent the real estate industry, specifically the property sector. An innovative way to acquire an exclusive second home at a price proportional to the time you spend in it.

With VIVLA you acquire the entire property for one eighth, which entitles you to enjoy the house for a maximum of 42 nights per portion (you can acquire up to 4/8). You are also guaranteed to stay for two weeks during the high season, and you can book up to 24 months in advance.

Why and why did you choose to work with ATTOMO?

VIVLA came to ATTOMO because of an urgent need for growth, since its business model is as revolutionary as it is unprecedented in a sector that still does not know how its project should be.

In this eagerness to make their brand known, the relationship with ATTOMO was born, where we proposed to undertake improvements in different areas, one of them, Instagram. In the social network of the meta ecosystem we carry out a content strategy in which we publish an average of 3 times per week.

Through these posts we show the product, as well as restaurants, events and plans of interest close to the geographic locations of the homes. We also act on LinkedIn, with a frequency of two posts per week.

Both social networks coincide in echoing the news that are published in the press about VIVLA, which are increasingly more. They also converge in the investment in paid media: we follow a marked process that consists of target analysis, a subsequent budget distribution and a final control of lead generation. In short, we trace the customer's journey from the moment he leaves his data until he acquires a part of a property.

On the other hand, in terms of CRO, we redesign the website and create forms and landings pages, always with the aim of increasing customer acquisition. Regarding SEO, we periodically search for the most requested keywords by potential clients and bid for them. Likewise, we do the same with the competition, always looking for a better positioning than theirs.

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