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Spherika is a Spanish family company whose quest for perfection has led them to become leaders in a sector with such fierce competition as theirs.

Spherika, formerly known as Pescaviar until its recent rebranding, manufactures and sells marine condiments such as roe from a wide variety of species (salmon, trout, lumpfish and the classic caviar from sturgeon, among them) as well as fish pearls and various flavors.

Why and why did you choose to work with ATTOMO?

With more than 20 years of experience, their secret lies in their constant eagerness to reinvent themselves, something that is reflected externally by constantly adding new products and flavors. Internally they follow the same pattern of improvement, and tired of their previous technological partner, they decide to embark on a new adventure with ATTOMO, who enters fully into the expansion of the company.

This would be done thanks to the confrontation of several fronts. The first is that of social networks, redesigning its Instagram, adapting it to the corporate colors of the brand, and generating content periodically based on delicious recipes with their products. It also aims to expand the community with posts such as "what is caviar?" that provide facts and curiosities about its genre.

Precisely in this mission of expansion of Spherika, we conducted a raffle of 10 jars of Avruga, one of its star products. This post became by far the one with the most comments on their Instagram.

However, ATTOMO's work did not stop here and we also reached their website, taking care of its maintenance and database management, as well as optimizing and improving the visual layer of their online store.

As if that were not enough, we also managed your positioning in Google through SEO campaigns and content creation for your blog based on the use of keywords that improve it.

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