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Raising awareness of sensory toys for children with autism through social networks.

Mi Pequeño Rincón Azul (MPRA) is the life project of a mother whose son has had autism since he was 2 years old. It arises from the need to develop sensory games for Alex, which is his name.

In children with this disease it is vital to work on the perception of the senses, since they reject many textures due to an excess or defect of their sensitivity. It is especially important to start therapy at the earliest possible age.

The company was born in an act of altruism towards his son, since the profits would go to pay for his treatments, and to the thousands of autistic children who have benefited from the use of his sensory toys.

Why and for what purpose did they choose to work with ATTOMO?

ATTOMO joined that commitment to facilitate learning in homes where autism is present. MPRA was tired of the problems of their previous technology partner and our first step was to migrate their ecommerce from prestashop to Shopify.

The goal was to help Patricia, the driver of this business, to perform the day-to-day processes in a much more efficient way, and of course, to generate more traffic on their website in order to increase sales of their products. How? Through SEO analysis to find the keywords of a sector in which we managed to scale at the level of visibility to potential customers.

In the same line of making the brand visible, we changed all their social channels so that they could improve their communication, creating content for social networks on a regular basis.

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