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Reinvents the cosmetic dermatological routine with few but quality ingredients

Método R is a cosmetics company created by Spanish dermatologists and biotechnologists who, after years of research, have come up with a formula for skin care.

To do this, they use a neutral perfume in a declaration of intent to sell a product that, like the active ingredients of the skin, does not understand gender. The efficacy of their products has been tested by several studies that show that the technology used enhances the results while minimizing adverse effects.

Why and why did they choose to work with ATTOMO?

With the aim of shouting to the world that there is only one skin and that it is so important to take care of it, they contact ATTOMO to manage their paid media campaigns.

Our task is the development of campaigns to attract new customers through Google Ads and Google Shopping, for subsequent management and analysis under a clear objective: to improve the conversion rates of Método R to help them to exponentially increase their sales.

To have everything under control and to have a positive impact on the web, we needed to migrate the servers from those of their previous digital partner to ours. This implied having the website under maintenance while the process lasted, being days in which there would be no sales at all. Therefore, we put all our efforts to perform the process as fast as possible, to the point of receiving Aline's congratulations for having done it in record time.

However, our work had only just begun and in addition to the maintenance of the website, we carried out a series of developments, such as the inclusion of a pop up advertising the collection of plastic containers of any cosmetic product.

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