The most personal jewelry with a unique e-commerce site

eCommerce Development

The creation of an online store to buy luxury jewelry in a simpler way

Magoni is a contemporary fine jewelry company created by Spanish designer Marta G. Onieva. Luxury is what defines a brand that targets today's sophisticated women.

Her designs are unique and distinctive and aim to make Magoni a symbol of empowerment for the modern and free woman. Their passion comes from their love for precious materials, design and nature.

It is precisely this love for nature that explains their commitment to the environment, being sustainable and handcrafting each and every one of their creations, for which they use materials from like-minded suppliers.

Why and why did they choose to work with ATTOMO?

To make themselves known, they contacted ATTOMO, because they needed a digital partner at the height of their jewelry that would give them the means to start selling online.

With a recognized partner of Shopify, we developed the web project, which after the approval of Marta, was developed in record time, because the sooner their new ecommerce was operational, the sooner they would begin to bill through it.

Their website, of course, is completely in tune with Magoni's corporate values so that from the first glance, the buyer understands how much luxury and care they take.

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