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Grupo Lalala: 30 locations in 5 years and the party is just beginning

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Enjoy the party in Madrid at the amazing venues of Grupo Lalala

To speak of the Lalala Group is to speak of ambition and the ability to reinvent an entire sector. It arises in 2015 led by a group of young entrepreneurs who intend to break with force in the restaurant sector.

Their enthusiasm, their effort and their team spirit, where everyone is rowing in the same direction, has allowed them to become a true reference in the sector, and to diversify their brand more and more.

Among their premises, the nightlife is of great importance, and it was for them that they turned to ATTOMO. They were looking for a partner to improve their visual layer and manage their social networks.

Why and why did you choose to work with ATTOMO?

When we arrived, they had a single profile with which they reported all the parties and events of their clubs, this complicated communication and made the venues unidentifiable. So we decided to create separate accounts on social networks.

At first we were assigned 4 venues, Muy Bendito, La Que Se Lía, La Que Faltaba and Marusha, for which we devised a brand image, associated with the characteristic colors of each of them.

ATTOMO was 100% in charge of the content generation, designing the flyers for the parties and sending the photographers to create the posts after a rigorous filtering and editing of the best photographs.

Our work was more than satisfactory for the chain, positively impacting their income to the point of ordering a fifth location, for which we also designed their Instagram from scratch, including their logo.

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