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Eat and drink cheaply in Madrid without sacrificing the quality you deserve

Grupo el Rincón (GER) is a restaurant group that has been active for 10 years and has 4 restaurants: Lardies, Chueking, la Chuequita and Viceversa, the first one located in El Retiro, and the other 3 in Chueca, Madrid. All of them located in Madrid.

GER's restaurants stand out for their wide variety in their respective menus, accompanied by a personalized customer service by all staff members, in order to wrap the dishes in a special mystique, on the way from the kitchen to the diners' table, passing through the waiters.

**Why and for what reason they chose to work with ATTOMO?

In this eagerness to let the world know about their exquisite chain of restaurants, they entered into a professional relationship with ATTOMO through which we would manage their social networks, with special emphasis on the publication of their delicious dishes, which are uploaded to Instagram with a previously established periodicity.

All this is possible thanks to the internal work of the team and the care of the smallest details of GER, which is reflected in the photographs to show a neat and colorful place, as are their dishes and of course, the content of them.

In our first contact with Grupo El Rincón, they told us their problem with their 4 stores: a disintegration of each one of them, and a lack of corporate image over them. Therefore, in ATTOMO we designed a brand strategy, to use a single channel as an umbrella for each and every one of their channels, working every day to reinforce and strengthen this image.

After the success of the initial proposal, our next task was in the same direction, to continue connecting the physical with the digital, in this case by making the letters in digital format, and the creation of the respective QR that would be located in the premises and would give access to them.

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