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Enjoy the best theme parties and live the night in Madrid

Farándula was born to be much more than a brand: an inspiration. The company organizes events that encompass show, music, dance, exclusivity, elegance and, ultimately, quality.

Why and for what purpose did you choose to work with ATTOMO?

Their aspirational goal is to create a label, a recognizable product in its own right, for the creation of which ATTOMO would be the cornerstone. Platea would be the first physical location where their parties would be held, but it would not be anchored to it for life.

We designed their logo, which is composed of... We wanted their clients to feel these values of Farándula, and for this we dedicated long brainstorming sessions to come up with the parties that best fit with what the brand wanted to transmit.

We hired photographers to immortalize these events and serve as content for social networks in which we designed and created a feed that followed a line of colors and a defined tune from beginning to end. This included the flyers, the featured stories and the filtering and subsequent editing of the photographs. With this dynamic, they reached a thousand followers in the first month.

We also designed their website to promote the expansion of the Farándula phenomenon.

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