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A barista at heart, Jorge has a community on social networks eager to learn from him.

Don't Channel me Baby is one of ATTOMO's most evolved projects. Jorge is a lifelong architect, and for years, a coffee lover.

His interest in coffee grew and with it his investment in his kitchen, which became his "center of operations". It is there that every morning he conducts research and tests in order to polish his technique and obtain a coffee of increasingly higher quality.

Why and for what reason did he choose to work with ATTOMO?

Jorge's and ATTOMO's paths crossed at a very definite point: passion. Each one in his own field, we had spent a lot of time and resources to fulfill our dreams and we were finally achieving them.

Jorge's dream was transmitted to us the first day he met us. To become a worldwide coffee reference, a real guru. For this, Instagram would be his media loudspeaker, there he would expose his knowledge, and while he was acquiring more, we were in charge of viralizing the account.

We joined his project in 341 followers, and in less than two months we passed the 4 figures, for which we restructured his featured stories and redesigned the logo adapting it to the most iconic colors of his lab.

We also designed his entire feed for the coming months, which we were reflecting on Instagram with periodic publications that, through a visual way, create a community through publications in which Jorge shared his experiences and advice to a growing community of followers.

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