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Davó is a company dedicated to the sale of yarns for the manufacture of all kinds of products. For this, it has a wide range of colors, as well as lengths and thicknesses so that the customer can choose the one that best suits their needs.

Its aim is to create resistant and durable yarns, which transmit closeness and confidence to translate into projects those designs that were mere sketches or ideas.

Why and why did they choose to work with ATTOMO?

In their eagerness to make themselves known, they contacted ATTOMO so that we could design a website tailored to their needs.

This website will be made in Shopify, one of our official partners. The design would also run on our account, adapted to the demands that the client had, and then translate it into a design that was made from scratch.

This online platform would be from its launch their new ecommerce, through which they would increase their sales ratio by providing customers with a cleaner and more intuitive website, and with a careful conversion funnel so that a greater number of customers who visit it, end up joining their family through one of their threads.

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