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Chic Party's is a children's decoration store located in Majadahonda. They are specialists in decorating and designing children's parties, with a demand that shoots up exponentially at communion time.

It defines itself as a company in love with detail, which pours its passion into its products, and surprises with its wide variety of products and themes. Whether you are an individual or a professional, Chic Party's gives you the opportunity to make your celebration memorable.

Whether it's a birthday, a baptism or a communion, thanks to a wide range of almost two dozen colors, and a variety of themes (Mickey Mouse, farm, pink circus, superheroes, etc.), Chic Party's allows your child to have the celebration he/she has always dreamed of.

Why and why did you choose to work with ATTOMO?

The product was created, and all that was left was to get it to the end customer. For this, a good communication through social networks is essential. ATTOMO picked up the baton and began to develop them, viralizing them and publishing content on a regular basis.

We did several photo shoots in their physical store, taking care of the image of the product and the environment. In this way, the products entered better through the eyes of potential customers.

The next step was the creation of their website, an eCommerce that would give more visibility to the brand and that would help to change the brand's mentality with a clear direction: digitalization.

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