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Elegant stilettos made by daring women, for daring women

Chi & Su is a brand that was born from a long-standing friendship between its owners, Susana and Cuchy, Cuchy and Susana. Two inseparable friends who lacked a professional link, a product in which they could see themselves and above all, their personality reflected.

This is how their heels were born, with two elements that make them unique and distinguishable. The first is their golden soles, present in each and every one of their models. The second is its wide color palette. Both components combined result in an eye-catching shoe that turns heads as it passes by.

Their products are 100% Spanish-made, because they have always believed that in our country there is the quality and the necessary materials to make products that make a difference, and because they are close to the factories, which allowed them to correct even the smallest detail.

Why and why did they choose to work with ATTOMO?

In their branding process they needed an online place to sell their brand, and for this they turned to ATTOMO as a digital partner, as a Shopify specialist and partner.

After configuring their website from scratch on the e-commerce platform, in addition to ensuring its maintenance, ATTOMO has diversified its services, managing the orders placed by customers, integrating the stock with central warehouses, working on SEO and taking care of the image of their product, taking pictures of their products in our Espacio ATTOMO, for subsequent editing and retouching.

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