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Addtimme is a marketplace where services are sold, especially focused on coaching and classes. Its hallmark is its customization and adaptability to the client.

The classes they offer are private, leaving behind the traditional system of going to an academy in person. In this way, the customer can adapt the classes to their schedule, not having to commit beyond the next session, avoiding wasted time and money on travel, standing as a friend of savings and enemy of covid, and allowing the user to connect from any location as it is a mobile application.

In Addtime you can both lend your skills and abilities to the service of the community, as well as acquire those of third parties in a market where supply and demand results in more than reasonable prices despite being individual sessions.

Why and why did you choose to work with ATTOMO?

Your contact with Attomo was the result, precisely, of bringing your marketplace app to the market. We did not stop at the mere launch, and carried out a strict monitoring and analysis over the next few weeks, which led to the deduction of conclusions in the form of improvements.

At the same time, we took care of the treatment of the client's corporate image, through various media. Among them, it is worth mentioning the development of their website, through which we tried to obtain financing. We also managed all their digital channels, among which we found their LinkedIn, Instagram and corporate blog. For the latter, we proposed a bag of 30 possible articles, which we wrote in the weeks following their approval.

Attomo also dynamized these contents created through paid media campaigns.

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