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A customized CRM for the management of clients of a luxury real estate company

GVRE is a luxury real estate agency managed by specialized architects. Under the philosophy that the client is their best partner, they offer a very personalized search service, so that the offers are perfectly adapted to the needs of the buyers.

Why and why did they choose to work with ATTOMO?

They were looking for a technology partner to help them scale their business by betting on a robust and flexible digital strategy. This is when ATTOMO came into the picture.

GVRE was working with Salesforce as a CRM tool where many times the functionalities of the product were not adapted to the real needs of the team. In addition, they had a website built on Wordpress completely decoupled from the CRM, something that made it impossible to unify their operating stack, something for which they had been fighting for years with different technology providers.

The project arose from GVRE's need to unify their technological systems, modernize their web platform and improve their backoffice processes. When we met with them for the first time we tried to understand how the company's day-to-day business was, how they managed ads, customers, requests... for us it is essential to understand how the customer thinks in order to offer the best solutions.

After several joint work sessions to define the functional design of the GVRE management tool, ATTOMO starts with the design and development of a customized CRM.

The first phase of the project lasted one month, during which we carried out the ad hoc design of all the CRM functionalities, both at data and visual level. For this we relied on Figma. After this and during the second phase of the project, we proceeded to the development of the technological layer of the CRM.

Once the CRM was ready and validated, both functionally and visually, we started with the last phase of the project. The complete migration and redesign of the corporate website, providing it with new functionalities and integrating it via API with the CRM.

In this way, in addition to increasing the number of customers who visit their website and their conversion, we have also made their internal work more efficient, as previously the consultants had to do twice as much work, as they had to upload the information to the website and the CRM separately...

Thanks to this project, GVRE now has a technological stack ready to grow, which allows consultants to perform their tasks much more efficiently.

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